Preschool Aged Kids Teeth (ages 3-5)

Your child is growing up, and their health needs are changing; make sure you are prepared for this new stage. Once your child reaches this age group, they should have already had their first dental visit to make sure that their gums and teeth are developing correctly.

Their First Loose Tooth!

For the past three to five years, your child’s primary teeth have been developing and creating the proper spacing to allow their permanent teeth to come in. Parents will start to see wiggly teeth in their children’s mouths around the age of five. Your child will be excited about losing their first tooth and getting a visit from the tooth fairy!

Once the primary tooth falls out, a permanent tooth will begin to erupt through the gums.  At times, a permanent tooth can be visible in the mouth without losing a baby tooth. You should be on the lookout for any incidences where this occurs. Once they loose their firs tooth is the best time to schedule an appointment with their pediatric dentist to make sure the development and eruption is appropriately progressing.

Keep in mind, the timing of when your child’s first tooth erupts plays a large part in knowing when they will lose their first tooth. If you child’s first tooth erupts earlier on then the younger they will be when they loose that first primary tooth! 

Dental Emergencies

Kids are always on-the-go and getting into EVERYTHING! Dental emergencies are bound to happen, so it is best to be prepared! Remember, if your child has a dental emergency, regardless of it is after-hours or not, contact your child’s pediatric dentist.

The Best Way to Prevent Cavities

Most parents are unaware that cavities can form in primary teeth AND permanent teeth if proper care is not taken to maintain good oral hygiene. Check out the tips below to help combat cavities in your child’s mouth.

• Children should drink milk and juice only at mealtimes; water should be drunk between meals with snacks and throughout the day

• Help your child brush their teeth twice-a-day for two minutes. Your child can brush their teeth but make sure you, as the parent, go back over them to make sure they are cleaned thoroughly and completely

• Try to avoid lots of sugary foods as sugar is one of the leading causes of cavities Cavities happen; don’t fret.

Our highly trained team will fix the cavity and talk to you and your child about healthy habits to incorporate into the daily routine. As a good rule of thumb, until a child can tie both shoes properly, a parent should recheck brushing and flossing. 

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Preschool is a fun time where kids are learning about themselves and their surroundings; it’s the perfect time to make healthy dental habits routine. The pediatric dental office of Dr. Leach is conveniently located at 4895 Windward Pkwy. Suite 201, Alpharetta, GA 30004, and serves families in Roswell, Cumming, Milton, and Johns Creek. Give our New Patient Coordinator a call today at Michael J. Leach D.D.S. Pediatric Dentistry Phone Number (770) 521-8855 or fill out an online appointment request form.