Honey, Our Oldest Therapy Dog🐾


Honey is one of the most important members of Team Leach. She is a small English F1B Teddy Bear Goldendoodle which makes her the perfect therapy dog for our Alpharetta pediatric dentist office. Weighing just 20 pounds, she is the perfect size for our patients! She was born May 27, 2018 at Smeraglia Farms and was hand picked by her coat and temperament test results to be here at Michael J. Leach D.D.S. Pediatric Dentistry.

Honey was the perfect fit for our office because of her “Pawsitive” Power which includes her keen ability to interact with others and low allergy, non-shedding coat. 

She attended Puppy Dog Prep School and was specially trained to work in our office. She is currently awaiting her American Kennel Club Therapy Dog title as she has completed hundreds of visits since beginning at the office in January of 2019.

Honey can be found greeting patients, snuggling those patients who need extra love and attention, or receiving Cheerios from our patients as she shows off her latest tricks.  She has been a wonderful addition to our child friendly office by offering comfort, a positive distraction and companionship to any of our nervous, anxious or exceptional patients or those who just need a little reassurance. Honey really enjoys her job and brings out the joy in everyone she comes into contact with.

The Leach family believed that adding a therapy dog to their dentist office for children was the best investment they could make; they were right! Who wouldn’t want to snuggle an adorable bundle of fur while getting their teeth cleaned?

During her free time she is with her furever family, the Leach family. She is their first family pet as they have a number of allergies in their own household. During her free time she likes to nap, eat, play frisbee, zoom in the backyard, hang out the car window and sometimes likes to get into mischief and roll in the mud and puddles. Her favorite treat is a puppuccino!


Maisy, Our Youngest Therapy Dog

Maisy, our second therapy dog, came to live with the Leach family in April of 2021, after the same breeder Honey was from (Smeraglia) matched her as a therapy candidate for our family and office! They trained her for over seventeen weeks at their official Puppy Dog Prep School program so that she could be best prepared for work as a dental therapy pup.

Much like Honey, she is a sweet and affectionate one of a kind puppy who loves to be with people and her family. You will often find her rolling over for belly rubs! She is very active and playful, and does not miss a single thing around the house or the office. Also like Honey, she has a soft, wavy and hypoallergenic red coat. In her spare time off of work she enjoys chasing squirrels with her sister!

You can find Maisy hard at work at our new Canton office location, where she assists Dr. Leach and the team in making patients the most comfortable and at home they can possibly be. She is specially trained to provide comfort, reduce stress, and give our patients and family lots of love!

The girls cannot wait to meet you, so request an appointment today!