Why Choose a Pediatric Dentist?

Choosing a dentist for your child is just as important as choosing what pediatrician they are going to see. So how can you know that you are choosing the best option for your child? Below we have outlined the top reasons to choose a pediatric dentist over a family or general dentist to establish as your child’s dental home.

Extra Specialized Training

In addition to the standard four years of dental school, a pediatric dentist undergoes two or three additional years of specialized training. During this training, pediatric dentists learn the best ways to provide treatment for children and individuals with specialized needs in a manner that instills comfort and trust for both the patient and the parent. Dr. Leach spent three years studying at the Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh following his time at West Virginia Dental School. By choosing a pediatric dentist, you can rest assured that your child/children will be receiving care from a professional who has spent years studying and perfecting the best ways to treat and interact with infants, children, and adolescents to ensure a positive and heartwarming experience at every visit.

Dental Visits Are More Fun

At pediatric dental offices, fun is the name of the game! These offices are designed with the patients in mind and likewise every detail from the theme of the office to the entertainment offered to the reward/prize system used emanate the very essence of childhood. At the Alpharetta pediatric dental office of Michael J. Leach DDS, you will escape to a lake lodge get-a-way, complete with an aquarium, treehouse and den. Children get to wait for their turn in our treehouse that is decked out with arcade games, puzzles, and a movie playing while teens get to enjoy our den which boasts massaging chairs, a flat screen TV with both movies and video games to choose from, and arcade games. At the conclusion of each visit, our patients get to choose prizes from our prize room which always ends up being everyone’s favorite part! At Michael J. Leach D.D.S Pediatric Dentistry, we take the patient experience a step further by hosting monthly in-house patient contests such as: You’re On Vacation but Your Toothbrush Isn’t, Flat Dr. Leach Contest, and Tell Us Your Favorite Football Team just to name a few. Prizes range from gift cards of varying amounts to exclusive, pre-paid experiences like Atlanta Braves tickets, Six Flag passes, Legoland Discovery Center, and more. Dr. Leach also believes in thanking his patients and their families for the dedicated support over the years and hosts an annual Patient Appreciation Movie event where he rents out theaters at the local cineplex for the opening day of that year’s summer blockbuster movie; this year it was Toy Story 4!  All patients and their family who attend, receive complementary tickets, popcorn and a drink as well as a chance to win some incredible prizes.

We Have a Therapy Dog

You read that right! Our pediatric dental office in Alpharetta is one of the only local offices that offers such a unique feature as having a therapy dog! If you have not had a moment to browse our social media or website, let us take a moment to introduce you to Honey! She is a Teddybear Goldendoodle from Smeraglia Farms who is specially trained to be in our office helping out our patients day after day. Honey loves her job and has been a pawsitive addition to our team. Children can be nervous or anxious about going to the dentist but Honey will lay with them and help put them at ease. You can read all about her, scroll through photos of her interacting with our patients, and more by clicking here

Stress Free First Visits

Going to the dentist is no longer a stressful experience thanks to pediatric dentists! All visits are structured to be low to no stress for both the patient and the parent. At Michael J. Leach DDS Pediatric Dentistry, we have streamlined the paperwork process to be completely online and completed before you ever set foot in our office. This not only helps us get your child’s appointment started on time, it also allows you the opportunity to enjoy your child’s visit! Prior to the first appointment, our New Patient Coordinator will contact you to answer any questions/concerns that you might have in addition to going over office policies. If your child is apprehensive about his/her visit, feel free to mention it to our New Patient Coordinator and she will be able to provide you ideas of the best ways to calm your child’s anxiety/nervousness. When you arrive to our office, one of our team members will give you and your child an in-depth tour of the office. During the tour, you will be introduced to our remaining team members, learn about our sterilization processes, and see where your child/children will receive their treatment. At the conclusion of the tour, you will be asked to return to our waiting room to enjoy our complimentary coffee bar and massage chairs while our team loves your kiddos.


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