What Is a Georgia 3300 Form and How Do I Get One for My Child?

All children entering a Georgia public school for the first time (pre-school or kindergarten), all students new to Georgia and any child enrolling from a private school are required by Georgia Law 20-2-770 to have a Certificate of Vision, Hearing, Dental and Nutritional Screening (Georgia Form 3300) dated within 12 months prior to the day of enrollment.

If you child is in need of one of these forms, please contact our office at Michael J. Leach D.D.S. Pediatric Dentistry Phone Number (770) 521-8855

New for 2020!

Michael J. Leach D.D.S. Pediatric Dentistry will be hosting a FREE GA3300 Form Day! Join us March 11th and March 23rd from 1pm4pm as Dr. Leach and his team perform dental health screenings for your upcoming Pre-schoolers, Kindergartener, First Grade Student, or if your student(s) are new to the Georgia school system. 

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Free GA3300 Form Exam Michael J. Leach Pediatric Dentistry

Save your spot for a FREE GA3300 Form exam by clicking the link above or calling our office at Michael J. Leach D.D.S. Pediatric Dentistry Phone Number (770) 521-8855Georgia_3300_Form_Free_Denta_exam

We want every child to be fully equipped for a great 2020 school year, and oral health is a large factor in their performance. Did you know that your child’s oral health is directly linked to their overall health?

When you feel good, you simply perform better. Set your child up for success by getting their Georgia 3300 Form Exam completed by a certified pediatric dentist.